Pal takes a swipe at dealing with cancer

Co-director, Sam aston chats to the Whitehorse Leader. Read full article below.



Surrey Hills critical care nurse Sam Aston is making the lives of cancer patients that bit easier, one swipe at a time.

In collaboration with lung cancer nurse Sara McLaughlin-Barrett, the pair created the My Cancer Pal mobile app to give patients greater support, resources and information.

The app has been about a year in the making and was developed on their personal experiences in working with patients.

“We were motivated to make the lives of our patients easier.” Mr Aston said.

“My Cancer Pal helps fill a much needed gap for those affected by cancer. We are passionate about empowering people living with cancer,” he said. “I am keen to raise awareness of this resource which already has garnered so much support among people living with cancer, patient organisations such as beyondblue and Palliative Care Victoria and a team of experts from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.”

Functions within the app include allowing the user to manage important aspects of their daily treatment, symptoms and side effects, as well as the logistics of appointments, medications and medical contacts.

The app can be downloaded for $4.49 and is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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21 March 2016 , page 16

PHOTO: Lawrence Pinder

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